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June, 2013

Welcome to the online Nursing Journal Club! The articles for this month will count for 1 continuing education credit and will be available through June 30.

Reading Assignment:

Article #1
What is a P-value?

8 June 1998.

Thisted, Ronald A.

Results favoring one treatment over another in a randomized clinical trial can be explained only if the favored treatment really is superior or the apparent advantage enjoyed by the treatment is due solely to the working of chance. Since chance produces very small advantages often but large differences rarely, the larger the effect seen in the trial the less
plausible chance assignment alone can be as an explanation. If the chance explanation can be ruled out, then the differences seen in the study must be due to the effectiveness of the treatment being studied. The p-value measures consistency between the results actually obtained in the trial and the \pure chance" explanation for those results. A
p-value of 0.002 favoring group A arises very infrequently when the only differences between groups A and C are due to chance. More precisely, chance alone would produce such a result only twice in every thousand studies. Consequently, we conclude that the advantage of A over B is (quite probably) real rather than spurious.


Article #2

Challenges that may arise when conducting real-life nursing research
Nurse Res. 2012;19(4):15-20.
White E.

Aim: To reveal some of the unexpected occurrences that can arise during real-life investigations to upset the conventional research process.

Background: As novice investigators develop their careers, they are increasingly likely to encounter aspects of research that are rarely mentioned in nursing textbooks. This paper sets out several such occurrences that may challenge the researcher and the practical consequences for an unsuspecting investigator.

Data Sources: The author's experience in research over the past 30 years.

Discussion: In seeking to find satisfactory solutions to problems during research, researchers will also face dilemmas that offer at least two possibilities, neither of which may be acceptable. Experienced researchers will recognise this situation and acknowledge the range of trade-offs that characterise social research. IMPLICATIONS FOR Practice/Research: Novice researchers should be forewarned of some of the challenges they could face when carrying out future research. full-text

The purpose of the online Nursing Journal Club is to facilitate the use of evidence-based practice in providing excellent nursing care.


  • Identify at least two potential challenges that may be encountered when conducting nursing research
  • Define randomization and stratification
  • Describe the implications of small and large p-values

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Available Credits: 1Contact Hour

Instructions for receiving the credits:

There are 3 parts to earning CE credit for this article. All components must be completed between between June 1 and June 30, 2013

  1. After reading the article, there is a short post-test on the Learning Link. To get to the module, open and login to Learning Link, click View course catalog, select All courses, and then enter PRCH4011 to find the June journal module. You must complete the post-test on or before June 30 and score at least 80% correct to earn CE credit.
  2. An evaluation of this learning opportunity is required to obtain the CE credit. A link to the evaluation will be found at the end of the post-test.
  3. As part of the requirements to earn the CE credit, you must participate in a discussion about the articles. This discussion will take place via Google Docs/Drive. A Nursing Journal Club designee will generate the discussion on June 9. You must respond / participate in the discussion at least 1 time by June 27 to be compliant.

Instructions to access the Google Docs/Drive Web page for Discussion and to post comments:

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It should take you approximately 1 hour to read the articles, take the quiz and complete the evaluation. 

As a member of the Nursing Journal Club, you will automatically receive subsequent articles on the first of each month. If you would like to cancel your membership at any time, please contact Cindy Bright via e-mail or contact her at 630.909.8027. We will send out a flyer announcing the next article approximately 2 weeks prior to sending it out.

We are excited that you are interested in this new opportunity. We welcome any comments or suggestions you may have.

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The Marianjoy Online Nursing Journal Club is a joint effort between the Nursing Department, the Medical Library, and the Research Department







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